History and profile

SLOVING spol. s r.o. was established in September 1991 by Ján Krajči, who together with his former colleagues established a private company dealing with supply of a wide spectrum of production, installation, repair and technical services in construction and operation of all kinds of power plants, heat production plants and petrochemical facilities including gas fired boiler houses.
Today, SLOVING belongs to the top ten companies active in the field of machinery construction in Bratislava region. SLOVING focuses on supplying services for the field of power engineering, because it can provide added value to this section and believes this very field goes through a renaissance.
The product of the SLOVING company is realization of technological structures, repair and maintenance activities focused on power engineering and other industries. The company’s main asset is rich experience in power engineering, mainly installation, repair and maintenance of power facilities such as boilers, all types of boiler heaters, heat exchangers, burners and accessories. For refineries and chemical industry companies, SLOVING makes reconstruction and modernization of distillation columns, installation of technological furnaces, storage tanks and pipelines. SLOVING provides a project, delivery and installation of new thermal power facilities, pipelines, heat exchanger stations, steel and indoor constructions.
The permanent staff of the company numbers around 80 people. As needed, during job works SLOVING is able to increase the staff by 100 more people. The SLOVING company has a professionally competent personnel with two decades of experience. Long-time experience of the staff combined with high technical competence and organization skills guarantee the successful realization of any project.
SLOVING owns all the necessary material and technical equipment. It has its own heavy machines, vehicles, special facilities as well as all professional tools necessary for its activity. The company uses modern information systems including communication systems.

Missions of the SLOVING company:

  • To offer to its clients the use of long-time experience in the field of supply, installation and maintenance of power stations and heat production plants up to 250 t/h of output, which combust coal, oil, mazut and natural gas, biomass, or individual parts: boilers pressure system, combustion chambers, membrane walls, high-pressure and low-pressure pipeline systems, burners, fuel management facility, load-bearing constructions, pressure, non pressure parts.
  • To develop engineering activity in the field of constructing new technological complexes, to provide services in the field of installation, maintenance and overhaul of power plants, heat production plants and other production plants.
  • To realize its activity with maximum quality and flexibility, according to the client’s demands.


The main share of the company’s turnover comes from realization of projects for heat production, chemical and automotive industry. The strategic partners in this case are heat production and power plants Martin, Zvolen, Bratislava, Žilina, Košice, SE Nováky, a.s. SLOVNAFT and Volkswagen Slovakia. We are a general supplier in the scope of investment construction and provider of services in the field of repair and maintenance.
SLOVING also provides other industries with its services, mainly pipelines for different substances or realization of machinery and technology parts.